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Wade Whimsie Look-Up By Collection

21st Century Collectables - Michelin Man
21st Century Keepsakes - Memories Collection Alexandra Palace
Alice and The DoDo Alton Towers Fair
Ameriwade - Beary Christmas Ameriwade - United Caves of Bearica
Angels Animal Party Crackers
Animaland Aqualand
Aquarium Set - King Aquariums Ltd Arthur Hare Series One
Arthur Hare Series Two - Arthur Hare Teenies Arthur Hare Series Two - Arthur Hare Wizhared Whimsie
Arthur Price of England - Jungle Babies Arthur Price of England - Jungle Kings
Arthur Price of England - On the Farm Arthur Price of England - Pets and Companions
Arun Bear Town Crier Arundel - Christmas Bonanza
Arundel - Collectors / Swap Meets Balding and Mansell Flintstones
Bear Ambitions Bears With Flags
Bengo and His Puppy Friends Bengo and His Puppy Friends, TV Pets
Betty Boop Betty Boop - Top of the World
Betty Boop Whimsies Birdlife Series
Birmingham Fairs BJ Promotions - The Beano Collection
Black Terrior Dog - Sharon Latka Blyth Ceramics - Sid the Sexist and San the Fat Slag
Brighton Corporation - Brighton Pavilion British Heritage Collection
British Wildlife Brooke Bond Oxo Ltd
Budgie Whimsies Cadbury World
Calves Camtrak - Childhood Favourites Series
Carryer Craft of California - Mini Mansions Cat Collection
Ceramica Characters From Charlie Brown
Child Studies Christmas Cat
Christmas Crackers Christmas Models
Ciba Geigy Circus Animals
Circus Animates Circus Set
Collect It Fairs Collect It Faries
Collect It Magazine Colourways Limited Edition
Comic Anilams and Birds - Rabbit family Comic Animals and Birds - Cheerful Charlie and Doleful Dan egg-cup/Posy Bowl
Comic Animals and Birds - Donkey Derivatives Comic Animals and Birds - Duck family
Comic Animals and Birds - Frog Family Style One Comic Animals and Birds - Penguin Family
Comic Animals and Birds - Penguin Family Derivatives Comic Animals and Birds - Pig Family
Comic Animals and Birds - Pig Family Derivatives Comic Animals and Birds - Rabbit (Little Laughing Bunny)
Comic nimals and Birds - Donkeys Comical Whimsies
Cool Cats David Trower Enterprises - Popeye Collection
Dinosaur Set One Dinosaur Set Two
Dismal Desmond Disneys Second Issue
Dogs and Puppies Set 1 Alsations Dogs and Puppies Set 2 Cairn Terriers
Dogs and Puppies Set 3 Red Setter Dogs and Puppies Set 4 Corgi
Dogs and Puppies Set 4 Yorkshire Terrier Dragon Whimsies
Drum Box Series Dunstable Fairs
E and A Crumpton - The Long Arm of the Law EadeUSA.Com 2003 - Childrens Song Figurines
Elephant and Pig Endangered North American Animals
English Whimsies Set 1 English Whimsies Set 10
English Whimsies Set 11 English Whimsies Set 12
English Whimsies Set 2 English Whimsies Set 3
English Whimsies Set 4 English Whimsies Set 5
English Whimsies Set 6 English Whimsies Set 7
English Whimsies Set 8 English Whimsies Set 9
Enrol a Friend eWade
eWadey Fairs and Events - Discover Trentham
Fairs and Events - Kings Hall Civic Centre Fairs and Events - Kings Hill Civic Centre
Fairs and Events - North Staffordshire Hotel Fairs and Events - Pig Styles
Fairytale Friends Family Pets
Fantasy Series Fantasyland
Farmyard Animals Farmyard Whimsies
Father's Collection - Y2K Pink Elephant Felic The Cat
Felix The Cat First Whimsies - Set Five Horses
First Whimsies Blow Ups First Whimsies Set 1
First Whimsies Set 10 First Whimsies Set 2
First Whimsies Set 3 First Whimsies Set 4
First Whimsies Set 5 First Whimsies Set 6
First Whimsies Set 7 First Whimsies Set 8
First Whimsies Set 9 Flying Birds - Set One Swallows
Flying Birds - Set Two Swifts Frisco Coffee - English Whimsies
Fudge Collectables - The English Inns Collections Garfield
General Foods - Miniature Nursery Rhymes General Foods - Miscellaneous Animals
Gingerbread Man and Gingerbread Children Gingie Bear
Gold Star Gifthouse - Nursery Favourites Goldilocks and The Three Bears - Style One
Goodie Boxes Great Universal Stores Endangered Species
Great Universal Stores Miscellaneous Models Great Universal Stores Tales from the Nursery
Great Universal Stores: Snowlife Halloween Fred
Happy Families - Cat Family Happy Families - Dog Family
Happy Families - Elephant Family Happy Families - Frog Family
Happy Families - Giraffe Family First Issue Happy Families - Giraffe Family Second Issue
Happy Families - Hippo Family First Issue Happy Families - Hippo Family Second Issue
Happy Families - Mouse Family First Issue Happy Families - Mouse Family Second Issue
Happy Families - Owl Family Happy Families - Pig Family
Happy Families - Rabbit Family First Issue Happy Families - Rabbit Family Second Issue
Happy Families - Tiger Family Happy Family
Hat Box Series - Disney Hat Box Series First Issue Set 2
Hat Box Series First Issue Set 3 Homepride Fred
Homepride Fred - Anual Figurines Homepride Fred Blow-Ups
Homepride Fred Miniatures Homepride Fred Whimsies
Homepride Fred's Big Band Homepride Fred's Fortieth Birthday
Honey Bear Cub - Collect It Honey Bunch Bears
Horse Sets - Set One Horse Sets - Set Two
International Ceramics Ltd - The Catkins Collection James Robert
James Robertson and Sons - Robertson's Jam Gollies amd Bandstand Jumbo Jim
Jumbo Jim Derivative Calendar Kansas Wade Show - Armadillo
Kansas Wade Show - Wizard of Oz Series Key Kollectables LTD - Beside The Seaside
Kodiak Bear KP friars
KS Wader / Happy Wad-ing - A Horse of a Different Colour KS Wader / Happy Wad-ing - Barnyard Cat Whimsies
Lever Rexona - Nursery Rhyme Models Lucky Leprechaun first version
Lucky Leprechauns Second Version Lux Soap - Free Wade Miniatures
Mabel Lucie Attwell Series Membership Figures
Membership Series - Alice in Wonderland Membership Series - Beauty and The Beast
Membership Series - Big Bad Wolf and The Three Little Pigs Membership Series - British Myths and Legends Series
Membership Series - Cinderella Membership Series - Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Style Two
Membership Series - Mr. Men and Little Miss Membership Series - Pantomime Series
Membership Series - Peter Pan Membership Series - Snap, Crack Pop, Coco the Monkey and Tony Tiger Surfing
Membership Series - Teddy Bears Picnic Membership Series - The Camelot Collection
Membership Series - Toy Box Series Membership Series - Whimsies
Membership Series - Wind and the Willows Memory Jars - Year of the Rabbit
Mini Wade Fair York, Pennsylvania Miniature Animals Fourth Issue
Miniature Nurseries Second Issue Miniature Nursery Rhymes
Minikins Series A Cats and Rabbits Minikins Series B Bull Cow, Mouse and Rabbit
Minikins Series C Dog, Donkey, Fawn and Pelican Miscellaneous Sets - Alphabet and London Trains
Miscellaneous Whimsie Models Miscellaneous Whimsies Models Colour Variations
Mr Snow Flake and His Family Mr. Magoo
Mr. Men and Little Miss My Pet
Nativity Whimsies Set New Colourway Whimsies Set Five Farmyard Animals
New Colourway Whimsies Set Four Miniature Nurseries New Colourway Whimsies Set One Animals
New Colourway Whimsies Set Three Miniature Nurseries New Colourway Whimsies Set Two Animals
New Victoria Theatre - Toad of Toad Hall Noahs Ark
Novelty Animals and Birds - Baby Bird Novelty Animals and Birds - Cheeky Duckling
Novelty Animals and Birds - Duckling, Head Back, Beak Closed Novelty Animals and Birds - Duckling, Head Forward, Beak Open
Novelty Animals and Birds - Laughing Rabbit Novelty Animals and Birds - Laughing Squirrel
Novelty Animals and Birds - Old Buck, Rabbit Novelty Animals and Birds - Pongo
Nursery Favourites - Blue Boxes Set 2 Nursery Favourites - Yellow Boxes Set Three
Nursery Rhyme Blow Ups Nursery Rhymes
Nursey Favourites - Dark Green Boxes Set One Nursey Favourites - Purple Boxes Set Four
One-Of-A-Kind-Models Orinoco Womble
Out of the Blue Ceramics - Collect 99 Bear Patty Keenan - Christmas Ornaments
Pearl Lustre Whimsies Pet Shop Friends
Pocket Pals - Collect it Magazine Pocket Pals - Tango
Pocket Pals Series One Animals Pocket Pals Series Two Pocket Horrors
Pokemon Polar Blow Ups
Pos-Ner Associates - Sherwood Forest R and M Collectables - Britannia
Rabbit Family Rabbit Whimsies
Red Rose Tea (Canada) First Issue Red Rose Tea (Canada) Fourth Issue
Red Rose Tea Fair, Connecticut Redco Foods Ltd. (USA) Fifth Issue Circus Animals
Redco Foods Ltd. (USA) First Issue Redco Foods Ltd. (USA) Fourth Issue
Redco Foods Ltd. (USA) Second Issue Redco Foods Ltd. (USA) Sixth Issue
Redco Foods Ltd. (USA) Third Issue Ripley Village Fete and Teddy Bears Picnic
Robell Media Promotions Ltd - Mr. Men Collection Rosemont Trade Show Rosemont, Illinois
Rule Beartannia Safari Park
Salada Tea Canada - Whimsey-On-Why Sam and Sarah (Mabel, Lucie Attwell Figures) Style One
Sharps Chocolate Easter Eggs Sharps Cocolate - Honey-Brown Smiling Rabbit
Simons Associates Inc Snippets Set One Sailing Ships
Snippets Set Two Hansel and Gretel Snowlife Animals
Spillers Dog Foods Ltd - Retriever St. John Ambulance Brigade (U.K) - Bertie Badger
Stafford Show Grounds Stoke Fairs - Trentham Gardens
Storybood Figures - Yogi Bear and Friends Storybook Version - Green Base Without Flowers
Summer Wade Fest Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Survival Animals
Swan Tetley Tea Folk Whimsies
The British Character Set The Butcher, The Baker and The Candlestick Maker
The Collecthare Collection The Fish Waiter
The Flintstones Collection The Honey Bunch Bears
The Honey Bunch Bears Colourways The Noddy Set - Style One
The Noddy Set Style Two The Nursery Rhyme Collection
The Straw Family The Tortoise Family
The Tortoise Family Derivatives The Travelhare Collection
The Village People Collection Thomas The Tank Engine - Style One
Thomas the Tank Engine - Style Two Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor
Tiny Treasures - Set One Batman and Superman Tiny Treasures - Set Three Santa and Snowman
Tiny Treasures - Set Two Peter Pan Tom and Jerry - Style One
Tom and Jerry Style 2 Tom Smith Animate Set
Tom Smith Circus Tom Smith Hedgerow
Tom Smith Miscellaneous Models 1987 Tom Smith Miscellaneous Models 1989
Tom Smith Miscellaneous Models 1990 Tom Smith Miscellaneous Models 1991
Tom Smith Miscellaneous Models 1992 Tom Smith Miscellaneous Models 1996
Tom Smith Nursery Rhyme Tom Smith Safari Park
Tom Smith Sealife Tony the Tiger
Train Sets Treasues Elephant Derivative Whimtray
Treasures Set U.S.A Wade Collectors Shows - Buffalo, NY
U.S.A Wade Collectors Shows - Oconomowoc, WI U.S.A Wade Collectors Shows - San Antonio, TX
U.S.A Wade Collectors Shows - Seattle, WA Uk International Ceramics Ltd - The Catkins Collection
UK International Ceramics Ltd - The Catkins Collection - Clown and Gypsy Catkins Unicorn Blow-Up
Unicorn Whimsies Various Novelty Models
Village of Broadlands Wade Christmas Extravaganza
Wade Christmas Extravaganza - Family Favourites Wade Christmas ExtravaganzaWade Christmas Extravaganza - Family Favourites
Wade Watch USA Walt Disney Figures - Bulldogs
Walt Disney Figures - Disney Blow Ups Walt Disney Figures - Donald Duck
Walt Disney Figures - Dopey Walt Disney Figures - Happy Clock
Warner Brothers - My Dog Skip Water Life Collection
West Coast Wade Collectors Fair Washington Whimsey In The Vale Set One
Whimsey In The Vale Set Two Whimsey On Why Set Five
Whimsey On Why Set Four Whimsey on Why Set One
Whimsey-On-Why - Christmas In Whimsey-On-Why Whimsey-On-Why - People From Whimsey-On-Why
Whimsey-on-Why Set 2 Whimsey-on-Why Set 3
Whimsical Waders - Flying Flowers Whimsie - Land Set 2 Wildlife
Whimsie-land Set Five British Wildlife Whimsie-land Set Four Hedgerow
Whimsie-land Set One Pets Whimsie-land Set Three Farmyard
Whimsie-land Set Two Wildlife Whoppas Set One
Whoppas Set Three Whoppas Set Two
Wildlife Winter Wonderland
Wizard of Oz World Cup Fred
World of Dogs Wynken, Blynken, Nod and Ive a Bear Behind - First Version - Flower base
Wynken, Blynken, Nod and Ive a Bear Behind - Second Version - Green Base Withour Flowers Zoo Mazing Hip-Hippos


Wade Whimsies Online

Wade Whimsies are small glazed porcelain figurines.
Whimsies are highly collectable and have a wide
following throughout the world, and are one of the few
ceramic collectables that transcends age, race and sex. It doesn’t matter if you live in the UK or the USA, whether you are 8 or 80, male or female, you can start a Wade Whimsie Collection at any time.

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